March 26th The Day

I’m not sure at this point I want to go out in public. Another big piece has been removed from my face. It was a lot.

I know I’m suppose to be the big brave tower of strength but I felt myself crumble today. I have been emotionally weak most of the day.

He’s expecting the pathology to come back in my favor but wanted to remind me that since the cancer skips, it certainly could come back to where we have to cut again. And since I’m so darn unlucky, that scares me. Also a friend that’s a Dr. wants me to take it very serious and watch it very close.

I’m hoping it stops. I want it dead.

We are starting the healing process all over from the beginning. I can see where a person could grow weary but I’m going to try and stay positive. It’s just not me to stay down for the count.

Maybe a picture tomorrow. I’ll just add them to this entry so watch for them that’s if you want to see them.

zz057I don’t look very happy here. It was a lot better when I had all the kids and family there to distract me. This second surgery I told them not to fuss over me that it was going to be a piece of cake. Anyways, this is what it looked like right before he drew on me with the magic marker :-/

zz060This is the markings of what he took out. Of course they cut on the outside of the blue line. I was sort of prepared but it’s always shocking to see it in a picture. My face is feeling pretty tight now. See how much more that eye is opened up than the other side. It’s even more opened now.

zz135Trying to look fake happy that it’s over. Looks like they gave me a iodine bath.

zz133Phase two after the recovery room. The room you have to drink and pee and stand in before they will let you go home.

zz074Depends on the way I hold my head whether the droop shows as bad. Maybe it’s if my mouth is closed that pulls my eye down. I’ll just have to walk around with my mouth open all the time……lol.


5 thoughts on “March 26th The Day

  1. Hey sister… I am so proud of how brave you are. I don’t think you were whining at all.
    You are one tough cookie. I can’t wait to hug your neck on Sunday. It’s been forever
    since I’ve seen you.

  2. Hi Vicki,

    I’m thinking about you, sending positive thoughts your way… I’m hoping for the best for you, and a good outcome on your pathology report. Hang in there, you are loved by many.


    • Thank you Dennis. It seems so silly to be upset at the way I look when people die from this stuff every day. I think I just need one day to get use to it. They say the skin will stretch. Where do I hide until that happens? :-/
      Thank you for your comment. It really does encourage me and I at least know people are reading this..

    • Thank you Paula. I seriously don’t know how people do it with way bigger battles to fight. It takes everything you have. I should be ashamed at being a wimp over this. Nevertheless I appreciate every single word of encouragement from all my friends. Thank you so much for your kind words. Love you guys ❤

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