It’s all still intact

Going to get the incision checked. I thought it bled too much and I wanted to make sure nothing busted loose. I don’t know why I’m smiling in this picture. I guess I just hate a sourpuss face. This is Day three, right? Hoping to get a new bandage and get this bloody one off. After all  Easter is here and I needed a fresh bandage so I can be in some pictures. Right? Right…….that doesn’t explain the silly face but at least I’m not pooching my lip out.

zz0311-002My new clean bandage. He said everything looked awesome and thankfully nothing had busted loose. Everything was still in tact. Thank you Dear Jesus.

zz0299-005Dr. Jim said that this scar was going to be a awesome one. He said, “I think your going to like it.” I told him I already knew I’d like it. The first one didn’t look too awfully bad and we hadn’t even started scar therapy. I am so blessed to have such a awesome team on my side.


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