Had a bad night

Wow! I had a major bad night. I had some residual pain pop up from my root canal last Thursday. That was enough to bring this grown woman to her knees. I can’t believe I’m actually trying to deal with two major things in my life at the same time. Dental procedures and facial surgery. If it doesn’t kill me I’m definatley going to be one tough cookie. And throwing in cooking for Easter dinner helps bring the stress full circle.

But thank you Jesus I called my dentist and she’s going to help me survive the weekend and finish my root canal early this week. How many dentist would just go out of their way to accommodate your life and your schedule? Not many and she’s my angel. Thank you Dr. Stewart for being my angel and I’m sorry for hunting you down on your weekend. You are the best and I always know I can count on you.

So I’m thinking about trying to stuff some Easter eggs. At least I know I’m not going to die from Endocarditis this weekend.

Last but not least, actually it’s first in my heart. Thank you Dear Jesus for dying on the cross for me and giving your life for my sins so that I might be forgiven. You are the King of Kings.


4 thoughts on “Had a bad night

  1. Thanks Chris. The meds I have should def make it tolerable. I don’t know why I’m having such a time. Even the antibiotics I’m on should be controlling it. I’ll live a few more days. Tooth/mouth pain is just the worse 😦

  2. Well that relief was short lived. It is throbbing again. I can see where people kill them self when they can’t control dental pain. Dear God make the pain go away. 😦

  3. I JUST made it to Walgreens to pick up my pills so I’m waiting for that first blessed feeling of relief. Why can’t they make Tylenol work good so we don’t have to bother our Doctors on weekends. I don’t know about you but it’s ALLWAYS the weekend when I get the worse 😦

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