Fathom of the opera

Sitting in this chair leaning on a heating pad. I woke up with my back pinched or out of whack!!

I need a miracle because I have a photo shoot tomorrow. Back please don’t fail me now…!! I need you :-/

While sitting here hurrying up waiting, I was thinking what I needed was a Zoro mask. Then I got to thinking, “No dummy, not a Zoro mask, you need a phantom of the opera mask!!!! I’ve never seen that musical. Maybe it’s time I do.

I DO NEED to be able to walk upright by early afternoon tomorrow. Please pray. These are college graduation pictures. I need to nail them 🙂


4 thoughts on “Fathom of the opera

  1. Loved your comment about the Phantom mask, but yours would have to be all glitzed ( is that a word?) up, of course……praying and love you!!

    • Of course it’s a word..!!! Don’t you watch “Todlers and Tiaras?” LOL. Yes, you know me too well. I’d have to have diamonds and sparkles. Love you and still praying for you too. ❤

  2. Phantom of the Opera is my favorite. And while you could certainly rock a phantom mask, you could never be as hideous as him. The movie with Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler is very good. But a DVD of a stage production would be better. I have both – wish I lived close so we could watch together.

    • Nancy, why don’t you just move on back home so we can watch it. I need a girlfriend. .
      Can you believe how lucky I am? I need to go do a couple hours of office work today. I guess I’ll tak the heating pad up there with me.

      Okay, you have me interested in the phantom now. I’ll get on amazon and get the one you said. Can you believe I haven’t seen 98% of what there is to see?


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