Houston we’ve made connection

I think some of the sensory nerves that were cut are starting to connect a little. I remember that point on the first surgery. Nerves had started to connect again and even just the corner of the pillow touching my cut woke me up saying. “Ouch.” I guess maybe I’m at that point again from this second surgery. It’s starting to get tender. I’m not complaining. I’d rather get the sensations back and feel a little pain than for it to remain numb forever. One crazy thing I’ve noticed even after the first surgery, when I touch the upper eyelid, I feel it on the bottom eyelid. It’s really kind of strange. I don’t know if that will ever work it’s self out because its been that way and happening since the first surgery. Funny strange feeling πŸ™‚

I hope your day is blessed. I just wanted to share this little bit of interesting info with you. I must have had two nerve ends that didn’t belong together, made connection…. πŸ™‚