Two Month Mark

Well, here it is. No makeup on. Taken with my phone late this evening. He was right. It seemed like it had lightened up and then gradually got darker as we neared the two month mark. I’m hoping it lightens up again or that the laser helps.

I slowed down on using the prosil. i started getting bumps all over my face and frankly even though it was probably just a reaction, it alarmed me. I’m going to start practicing with some makeup and see if I can feel better about myself.

In a week I’m going to do the first laser treatment. Dr. Jim said they have to laser your whole face, they can’t just laser the scar. Heck yeah, laser my whole body, I’m game. This getting old granny skin sucks!!

It blasts thousands of tiny holes in your skin forcing it to make new collagen to heal its self. So in turn after it heals you have new skin. He said it will ooze and be crusty and of course I will show pictures. You know me, I’m not hiding. I want women to know there is hope that you can look better even after having a surgery like mine.

I’ve been letting a little fear creep in that the cancer will come back. One reason it’s because of things people say. The lady who checked my groceries said her father got it in his brain six months after he had a spot removed off his nose. Of course it quickly claimed his life. I can’t figure out how she thought sharing that information with me would be comforting. I was going to write a whole blog on this very thing. People really do need to think before they speak. I’m not talking about walking on eggshells, just use your brain.

Okay, I’m one day late getting this up. If I don’t hit publish now, it may be three months. 🙂



3 thoughts on “Two Month Mark

  1. I still see past it. I can tell by your eyes how awful for you this is. But, again, I say, you are too beautiful on the inside for an outside scar to hide that!!!!

  2. Vickie, I just wanna say how much I admire your strength and grace thru all this. A scar is superficial; yes, very real, but still cannot hide the light shining from inside you. Love you!

    • Thank you Susan. I don’t know if God is just giving me the grace I need or I’m just getting use to looking at it. I know I don’t ever want to go through that again. I’m hoping after the laser I’ll be happy. A good example of people looking past your scars is your grand-babies. They just look right past that ugly scar and see what’s inside. I hope someday everyone will be able to look past it. Thank you for encouraging me. It really is priceless.

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