My first laser resurfacing

I was so excited to do this that I didn’t care if it hurt like a son of a gun. Now I have to wait and see what it looks like in a week or two. I have another one scheduled in a month.

He did it pretty aggressively because I ask him to. I told him I wanted to see some results and if he wanted me to come back for two more, I better see some results.

It really smarts when it’s firing the lights. I can’t imagine what it would feel like without numbing cream. Ouch!!

I’m trying to pick out a picture of my ugly red face to show you but for now, this is the picture you get to see. I’ll also take a picture tomorrow so we can see the stages of the healing process.

So number one laser resurfacing is behind me.

Did I mention Dr Jim is up for one of the top five plastic surgeons by people’s choice? Go vote for him please. There’s a link on my home page.

Thank you everyone for following along with me. I appreciate the company. 🙂




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