Second Treatment in a few days.

I’m getting ready for my second treatment in a few days. I’m not nervous. I’m not looking forward to feeling like my face is on fire but that doesn’t last too long.

I know my face will never look the same again and I’m thinking maybe I should quit worrying and focus my prayers on praying the cancer doesn’t return. How lucky I’d be if that one time was the only battle I’d have to fight. But since when have I been lucky?

There’s been so much going on lately. I don’t understand how God allows so much on our shoulders at one time. Am I not passing the test to His liking?

Just feeling overwhelmed today. I don’t know how much more I can take.


4 thoughts on “Second Treatment in a few days.

  1. Vickie I am so proud of you for taking us with you along this journey. I’ve always thought you were an incredible lady and it takes one to humble herself to do so. Not everyone could do this. Your spirit shines through your struggles. Praying God will walk with you through this second treatment with less discomfort. God bless!

    • Thank you so much for the encouragement. I don’t think people realize just a few words does indeed make the road traveled a little less painful. It’s not all been pretty if you go back and read from the beginning and when I am ready I have lot’s more pictures to show. Some kind of silly, or my sisters thought so 🙂 I have had incredible support and I can’t imagine having to go through it without any. I want people to know that cancer isn’t always dark and ugly. Mine was pale pink and looked harmless……

      Thank you again for your encouraging words.

  2. Don’t be discouraged for very long Vickie….Gos has the perfect plan for you! Did you know that Ron and I are raising 2 of our grand kids for an indefinite amount of time ( maybe forever)! We (and my parents )have just about worried ourselves sick over it. We just keep telling ourselves God has a plan and he will see us through it! Love and prayers for you!

    • I’m trying so hard to not worry. I know that God didn’t give us a spirit of fear. It unfortunately comes from satan.

      I admire you for raising your grand babies. I’m not sure I could do it or that my body would let me do it. But I guess that’s where our faith comes in. Bless your family and I mean that from the bottom of my heart. Gary and I have said many times we don’t know how grandparents physically can do that but I guess God gives you what you need.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. I think I’ve been reading too much about the reoccursance of melanoma. When you realize how many cancer cells can fit on the head of a needle it’s numbing. That’s why I question even worrying about what my face looks like. It really doesn’t even matter in the end….

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