Post Second Laser Treatment

This morning was my second laser treatment. It seemed like it went pretty fast but frankly when it’s hurting that bad, you sort of want it to go fast. This time was more painful.

I put that numbing cream on three times thinking the more the better. I’m not sure that helped any and I think he had the laser turned up because he knows I want to see results. I guess I shouldn’t be so impatient but I’ve been through so much that I’m ready to see something good.

This time when I sat up he said the recovery time on this one would be five to seven days. I’m okay with that and I’ve got to where I don’t put much thought into what people think. Going through this kind of cancer with such a invasive scar, you have to be humbled at one point. I am……..

So I get to the room and they let me know that I won the $300. gift certificate for helping to vote for Dr. Jim in the Readers Choice of the City. He was up against three other plastic surgeons. We are so proud that he was nominated and I don’t think winning is always necessary. I’m pretty sure there are outside firms that can be hired to do the voting for you which a lot of the people use but who wants to win because you paid to win. I’m proud that he was nominated.

He reminded me today that the color of the scar or the lightness of it will come with time. I figured that but from the very beginning he said fair skin blue eyed people make good scars so I’m going to count on that for sure.

I have to say that this time was way more painful. Going home I had my air-conditioner going full blast on my face as cold as it would go. As soon as I got home which wasn’t fast enough I filled a ice bag and got a little hand held fan to fan my face. Now I have always been pretty tough and could handle quite a bit of pain but this one hurt. Once I got it under control I have been okay.






3 thoughts on “Post Second Laser Treatment

  1. Thinking of you today, Vickie…..hoping your pain is less. Thanks for sharing your journey with us and the courage it takes to do it….

  2. Wow! Vickie, I am so proud of you for being so honest and up front about your journey to fight and win the battle of your skin cancer. That looks painful!
    My thoughts and prayers are still consistent, and I think of you often. Keep the faith, my dear friend!

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