Getting nuked in a few days

I hate that I’m feeling like my blog might be, “follow Vickie on all her medical problems” instead of just healing from this crazy cancer.

I feel like I’m being put to the test and fire and I’m getting a little weary of trying to figure this thing out. I feel like I have had more than my share.

I had my six month check up on my heart and he seemed to think I was doing good enough to go six more months before my next echo and next appointment. Good thing. My blood work was good besides the low white cells which is chronic for some reason no one knows.

He did ask me to schedule another heart scan because it had been four years since my last one. The one I had in 2009 was horrible and with a plaque score of 255 we have been trying to stop the progression of it by me taking the highest dose of Crestor. I’m feeling like It’s just not in my predestined life that I get better. My plaque score had doubled to 458 :-/ What do I do now? Dr. Spielman says we may need to get my cholesterol down in the real low range. Of course that means more medication that puts a task on your liver.

I was quite shocked. My blood work had looked like all this time that it was going to work. He was very pleased with my cholesterol numbers for four years now. I guess it wasn’t working after all to stop the progression of plaque.

What do I do now? Anything above 400 is looked at as high risk. If I doubled my score in four years, what is it going to be in four more years?

I don’t know what to think. I’m scheduled now for a nuclear stress test day after tomorrow. I’ve had one of these before. They are interesting to say the least. They put this stuff in your veins that make you feel like you’re having a heart attack. You feel like they are trying to kill you. I’m glad I’ll be at the heart hospital just in case they do……..

Okay, this next Wednesday I’ll do the laser again. I can’t tell if my scar looks better or not. After this one I may change my plan of action. I’m not sure anymore what I want to do. It looks like the laser it’s self would cause cancer since it burns you so bad.

I hope I can be a little more uplifting next time I post. I have had some strange phantom fumes and my new primary thinks it’s migraine related. She wants me to go to a Neurologist. I really wasn’t wanting to do that but I guess they have to rule out some bad stuff. She also wants me to do acupuncture and chiropractory. See what I’m saying? It seems like everything is bulldozing me at once. People, don’t go to the doctor!!!! I was healthier than a horse for fifty two years……. Now look what’s happening.

I’m going to hit send. I started this last week. I need to get it out. I may go back and see if there are any pictures I can post. I should have taken one for this one. I will for sure before the next laser.

Blessings to you and all of yours.

All right then


2 thoughts on “Getting nuked in a few days

  1. Dearest Vickie, with all you are going through it is pretty easy to understand the stress level of your post…..I hope it helps you to express it through your blog. I want you to know that your blog has made a believer out of me about skin cancer. Just spent a week at the beach with the grands and not a one of us is any more tan than when we left! Although we were in the sun constantly, we put enough sun screen on to float a battleship!! You continue to be in my thoughts and prayers…..

    • Thanks Paula, that is so encouraging because if noting else comes out of this, I want to bring attention to the facts about cancer. It’s not always the dark ugly thing we picture in our minds. I’m so glad you all protected your skin. That makes me feel so good. I’m still seeing friends and family out worshiping the sun and I just want to shake them!!

      It does help me to write but it’s also sort of embarrassing that I’m falling apart :-/ I’m beginning to think that stress does play a big part in your heart health. I’ve had some heavy things going on in my world. It’s discouraging because I was expecting my numbers to stay the same. But to almost double, I about fell over.

      Thank you for encouraging me. I love it that you are making sure everyone is slathered up 🙂

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