I’m ready to talk a little

One week ago today since my surgery. The jury is still out whether I’m glad I did it or not. Right at this moment I’m thinking not. The stitches come out tomorrow and that day can’t come fast enough. They are pulling and making me want to rub them and there’s one on my eye that makes me scream when I touch it. Eye’s are so tender. If I was brave enough, I’d cut them out myself. Some of them don’t even have knots in them. They just have long threads so I could just pull on them and I bet they would come out…………Okay, settle down, I won’t.

I’m trying to pick a gross picture to show you but there are so many I’m having a hard time choosing. I’ll find one or maybe take some time lapsed pictures showing the healing. So I far I just keep looking worse every day, not better. What’s the deal?

So here’s my first entry to my corrective procedure. One of my main goals was to have both my eyes match again and be the same size. Right now they do not. But Dr Jim has assured me it will get better and better every day. I believe him. I just have to be patient. You know me and being patient. This is a good test for me.

I think he used 2000 lb blue marlin test line to sew me back together. I’m hoping and praying it feels better when they are all cut out……

Here’s a picture of my chin, I’ll show you that much……..ha ha



2 thoughts on “I’m ready to talk a little

  1. Oh WOW, Vickie!!!! That is so much more than I expected. Thanks as always for sharing and now I can see what you have been describing. Bless your heart!!! Sending lots of prayers of healing!!!! They work, ya know?

  2. I’m praying in agreement with U that all of this turns out better in the long-term!! Cancer GONE, & U feeling better than ever!!!

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