I’m so proud of this

Look. This is the side my big four inch slash is. I never dreamed it could look this way again with a little makeup. I can hide it pretty good.



5 thoughts on “I’m so proud of this

  1. See Vickie, God is wonderful. He does great work in us & thru us. It looks beautiful. You can’t even see it. Guess I need to go & see your plastic surgeon to get rid of my bid honkin scar.

    • I’m not sure who this post was because it just says “someone” but I would encourage you to do it if your scar bothers you. I had seen pictures and had high hopes but wasn’t sure the laser and scar revision would work for me. I don’t know exactly how the lasers work but after each session, not without pain, the scar would get a little flatter or get a little lighter in color. So I want to show people that it does work and there are options. So if your scar bothers you then I say go for it. xoxo

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