Vitamin D

whats so important about vitamin D and how could one get profoundly deficient in it? Evidently you can break bones without even knowing it.

I’m going to find out what I can do to help raise it. I have to get my levels up off the floor.
So two weeks ago Annie was here helping me do the things I can’t and we had went to Sams and Walmart and by the end of the night, I looked down and both my feet and ankles looked like elephants feet. They were huge and it hurt to walk on them. What had I done? I don’t think I had hit them or twisted them. I decided if it was  a injury that I must have not been conscious when it happened.  The right one finally went down but still makes sure to be good and swollen every night. I think I better have the right side checked but it’s two more weeks until my next appointment.

So once again to shorten this chapter of my nightmare,I’ll shorten it by saying  it took 17 days, and four doctors to convince them my ankle was broke.

First I went to the Access Clinic because it was on a weekend. I went to the one on Reno and Mustang Road. They took a X-ray and told me nothing was wrong. They wrapped it up and told me to go home and put some ice on it. Second I went to see my PCP and she said it sure looked like it could be gout and she gave me a script for some prednisone. I never took it. Third I went to a foot and ankleDoctor named Rick Trazick and he looked at it and said it just looked swollen. He said, ” go get you some of those compression socks and if it’s still swollen in a month I’ll do a MRI. I started to weep a little and I said, ” I had hoped you could help me, my leg feels broke.” He ask his nurse, did he see me walk in here, did I have a cane, he acted surprised that I used valet parking.  I told him it was very painful to walk on it. It was very insulting to me because his questions were expressed as though I was not being truthful. He himilliated me. I guess he thought I wanted pain pills. He said, ” want me to give you some numbing cream?” I thanked him and said no, I had been wrapping lydacaine patches on it then a ace bandage on top. Pain pills never entered my mind. I just needed help. I left his office sobbing. Worst part of it all is I was referred to him by a good friend.

I knew all I needed was a MRI so I called my PCP and told her to order me a MRI late that night because I was going to make my own appointment with a orthopedic doctor and I needed it.

I had to wait two days for my MRI to be read but it finally came in.  The proof of why I had been hurting so bad had finally been revealed.

10550967_10206819711959686_8926776975790118142_n 11111055_10206819712039688_7146347680214896667_n


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