It seems like a eternity since this all started but it’s only been since Jan of 2013. I thought after I beat the cancer that my life would get back to normal. That wasn’t to be. It all started about a year and a half ago that I lost most of the use of my legs. If I can get up I can walk but getting up is so painful it makes me literally cry. When others are here I try to hide it but when I’m alone I cry out. I can no longer get out of my bathtub or get in the floor to do photography. My muscle strength is gone. I told every doctor I had about it but no one had any answers or seemed to want to help me figure it out. I felt something behind my left knee and did my own research on that. There’s a thing called Bakers Cyst that can fill with fluid and right now I think mine is about to bust. It’s been diagnosed that it’s there but no one has addressed it. The pain in my knees is unbearable. 

John questioned why I had the muscle issue and ask Dr Beason to take a look at me. He is a neurologist and specializes in neuromuscular diseases.  To make this long nightmare short, Dr Beason first did seven viles of blood test. When he found that a was major deficient in B-12 and D he stopped and turned me back over to my primary care physician Dr Wood. I take 50,000mcg of vitamin D every week and 2500 oh B-12 every day. How long will it take to build up in my system and WILL it work? 


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