Vickie Lynn

My name is Vickie. I wish I knew something clever to write here about myself. I’ve suddenly found myself battling melanoma cancer and felt the need to journal my feelings throughout the process. You are never prepared for something bad to happen to you but I’ve learned you either fight or you give up. I have to find the strength to fight. I refuse to give up and let satan win. I want to somehow glorify God through all of this because I know He is seeing me through it. It has been so evident the last few weeks that He is exactly where He promises to be, right by my side. Sometimes He is actually carrying me. I hope I can give some awareness to melanoma but also give hope to someone else that is facing the same trials. Forgive the informal way I write. It’s the only way I know how to write. Just like I’m looking at you and telling you a story. So maybe it should start out with, “Once Upon a Time……”


One thought on “Vickie Lynn

  1. You are already such an encouragement Vickie and I know that the Lord will completely use you to Glorify Him throughout this journey. I love you and am so proud of you!

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